Our Community

ECW officersEpiscopal Church Women at St. John’s

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is the organization that brings the women of each parish together to serve Christ.  All the women of the St. John’s parish are members of the ECW and may fully participate in all activities.

Our purpose is to unite and empower the women of St. John’s through fellowship, community outreach, prayer, stewardship and learning opportunities.

The ECW generally meets every other month from September through May, breaking for the summer.  Special meetings are called as needed, and the Board of Directors meets about two weeks before each general meeting.  Members are welcome at the Board meetings, but may not vote.

Current President:  Lia King  lia33770@gmail.com

The ECW Prayer

Almighty God, we pray that you will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world.  Help us to pray fervently, labor diligently and give liberally to make known the power of your love given through your son Jesus Christ.  Let us not forget the lessons from the past now fear the challenges of the future.   Anoint us with your grace and shine in our hearts as we reflect your light throughout the world.  Amen

The Thrift Store

The Thrift Shop is the centerpiece of our ECW outreach, providing gently loved articles of clothing and household goods at affordable prices since about 1982.  Located in the southwest corner of the parking lot in two adjoined building, proceeds from the Thrift Shop allow us to provide for needs within our parish as well as those beyond our doors throughout the world.  The Shop operates from August through June, opening three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m.


 2-21-15 crafters-quiltersTuesday Quilt Group

Mission Statement: To offer an opportunity for people to come together in fellowship to share the gift of their hands and increase knowledge of the quilting arts.

Our objective is to welcome anyone who would like to share the joy of quilting. Someone that may like to grow in fellowship and also develop ideas for outreach projects to our local community.

Come and learn new quilting techniques that stimulate creativity as well as patience and determination!


4-17-15 meals of hope mainMeals of Hope

Up to 1 in 5 residents of Pinellas County go hungry every day. In an effort to help alleviate this need, St. John’s is part of the Meals of Hope collaboration of six Episcopal churches in the Clearwater deanery that has been working to organize food packing events with volunteers from the churches and other community organizations. Using an assembly line system developed by Naples-based Meals of Hope (meals-of-hope.org), and gathering together hundreds of participants of all ages, the packing takes only a few hours on a Saturday morning and yields an impressive quantity of nutritious family-size servings of mac and cheese.

On March 10 2018, the sixth annual food pack drew 150 volunteers to pack 83,000 meals of oatmeal and cinnamon. It took place at the warehouse of the county’s largest food bank, run by Religious Community Services, where most of the food packed was distributed.

For more information, contact the church office.


The Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee plans the events for the coming year and we also provide coffee hour following the Sunday, 10am service. We sponsor the Mass on the Grass picnics along with all the other fun events throughout the year. This offers an opportunity for our congregation to come together for fun, fellowship and always great food!



Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesday Morning Bible Study meets every Wednesday at 9.45 a.m. The group is studying “The Path” a book by Forward Movement that covers the complete bible in a six month period.   Fellowship with coffee and cookies is an integral part of the group’s identity. It is a fun group and the discussions are lively.


coffeeCoffee with Jesus

Coffee with Jesus is a discussion of the Gospel of the Day using the reflection by the Episcopal Digital Network as a guide for discussion. It is led by Ron Joy. So come have a cup of coffee and join us for a very informal discussion of the day’s gospel.



St. Johns in the local schools

Pack-A-Snack began in Dec 2012 providing nutritious snacks for 10 children and had expanded that number to 17 by the end of the year.

The Methodist Cooperative started this program to provide nutritious food over the weekend for school children at risk of hunger.  The school staff is trained to know the signs of hunger and alert the social worker. The social worker then recommend that child for this program. St. John’s has linked with the Cooperative to support the students at Belcher Elementary. We purchase food such as cereal bowls, milk, juices, vienna sausages, peanut butter, crackers and raisins. We then package them for the school to distribute to the children. By shopping smartly the cost is around $4-5 per child per week.

Volunteers serve the program in the following ways:

  1. Funding the purchases,
  2. Scouting the best prices and buying the food,
  3. Packing it into sacks, and delivering them to the school.
  4. Recruiting friends, neighborhoods, faith communities and civic organizations to partner in this community program. It is estimated that approximately 60+ children would meet the criteria to participate.

Delivery is once a week. Purchasing is done in bulk on an as needed basis and when the best sales can be found.  RCS stores the food that the Cooperative has purchased in large bulk quantities.

The school has indicated an urgency for this program. Here again is an opportunity to serve Jesus by serving those in our local neighborhoods.


Religious Community Services Food Pantry

Our mission is to feed the hungry, help homeless families return to self-sufficiency and empower victims of domestic violence.

We are a nonprofit agency serving the people of Pinellas County with basic needs through four distinct, yet interwoven programs since 1967. We believe working together to help families and individuals meet their basic needs, along with providing appropriate guidance and education, makes our community a better place for everyone. St. John’s is a founding member of this community service network.

What Does St. John’s Do?

We collect via “Pennies for RCS Food Bank” jars that people take home and fill. The loose coins are returned to the church for the Food Pantry. Outside the front door of our worship space are wooden containers for people to donate non-perishable foods for RCS.  We collect the food at every weekend service.

For more information: http://www.rcspinellas.org


Narcotics Anonymous

St. John’s provides space for Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Thelma’s Place. NA offers recovery from the effects of addiction through working a 12-step program and regular attendance at group meetings. The group atmosphere gives help from peers and an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free life. The name Narcotics Anonymous is not meant to imply a focus on any particular drug; NA’s approach makes no distinction between drugs, including alcohol. Membership is free, and NA has no affiliation with any outside organizations, such as governments, religions, law enforcement groups or medical and psychiatric associations.

For more information, see the Bay Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous website at bascna.org. Phone the 24-hour helpline of NA at (727) 547-0444 or 1-888-779-7117.